Local Resources – New Materials

In­tro­duc­ti­on and ope­ning re­marks by the Rec­tor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mi­cha­el Mo­di­gell and Da­nie­la Ott­mann

Prof. Hei­ke Kluss­mann is pre­sen­ting the trans­di­s­ci­p­li­na­ry re­se­arch plat­form BAU KUNST ER­FIN­DEN (Buil­ding Art In­ven­ti­on) at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Kas­sel. The re­se­arch fo­cu­ses on the ex­pe­ri­men­tal de­ve­lop­ment of new ma­te­rial con­cepts. BAU KUNST ER­FIN­DEN brings to ge­ther ex­perts from the fields of vi­sual art, ar­chi­tec­tu­re, in­ter­ac­ti­on de­sign, in­du­s­trial de­sign, ex­pe­ri­men­tal phy­sics, and ma­te­rials re­se­arch.

Ka­ren Win­zer & Flo­ri­an Gwin­ner about te­a­ching at the De­part­ment of Vi­sual Art & Ar­chi­tec­tu­re. Se­lec­ted stu­dent pro­jects show the fin­dings of the re­se­arch flow in­to the te­a­ching and vice ver­sa.

Ni­co Ku­diel­ka & And­re May & Les­s­a­no Ne­gus­si are pre­sen­ting their mas­ter the­ses: MS IM-PORT//EX-PORT. A trans­di­s­ci­p­li­na­ry plat­form for art, sci­en­ce and te­a­ching on the ri­ver Ful­da. Ex­hi­bi­ti­ons, lec­tu­res, work­shops and col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve work took place on the main, up­per and sun decks. In a pro­cess of in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on and ima­gi­na­ti­on, va­rious fields we­re ma­de ac­ces­si­b­le th­rough dia­lo­gue with other di­s­ci­p­li­nes.

Si­mon De­eg & And­reas Pi­cker about DIY - (Do-It-Your­self) - st­ra­te­gies in te­a­ching and re­se­arch. The DIY Labs of BAU KUNST ER­FIN­DEN are re­se­arch and pro­to­typing la­bo­ra­to­ries sha­red by both stu­dents and aca­de­mic staff. Do-it-your self st­ra­te­gies con­tain the spi­rit of re­se­arch, pro­mo­te self-or ga­ni za­ti­on, im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on, in­i­tia­ti­ve. They are ba­sed and on the pow er of the in­di­vi­dual as the dri­ving for­ce for de­ve­lop­ment and chan­ge.

Klau­dia Kru­se is pre­sen­ting ex­cerpts of her work ‘Li­fe- li­ve- work’ and ‘Bio-ti­ful’. It il­lu­s­t­ra­tes how in­no­va­ti­ons that com­bi­ne aes­thetics and ex­em­pla­ry func­tio­na­li­ties from the world of na­tu­re can rein­for­ce su­s­tainab­le attitu­des and li­fe­sty­les.

Thors­ten Kloos­ter in­sights to cur­rent re­se­arch pro­jects by BAU KUNST ER­FIN­DEN: “Mag­netic Pat­ter­ning of Con­c­re­te” ex­p­lo­res na­tu­ral for­ces as tr­an­for­ma­ti­ve pro­cess on sur­faces. “Dy­sC­re­te” in ves­ti­ga­tes the tech­ni­cal prin­ci­p­les of dye-sen­si­ti­zed so­lar cells for the pur­po­se of a no­vel so­lar ac­ti­ve con­c­re­te. “B­ling­C­re­te” - a new light re­f­lec­ting con­c­re­te,.

Da­nie­la Ott­mann In­tro­duc­ti­on to ‘Lo­cal Re­sour­ces - New Ma­te­rials’, a jo­int re­se­arch pro­ject bet­we­en the Uni­ver­si­ty of Kas­sel, Ger­ma­ny and GU­tech Oman. Re­se­arch is to ex­p­lo­re and ex­pe­ri­ment with lo­cal­ly availab­le tra­di­tio­nal ma­te­rials and tech­no­lo­gies in or­der to in­vent ‘new ma­te­rials’ to meet the needs of a su­s­tainab­le built en­viron­ment of the pre­sent and fu­tu­re.

Ali Al Mug­hai­ri Over­view of lo­cal ma­te­rial re­se­arch as part of the re­se­arch pro­ject: Lo­cal Re­sour­ces:New Ma­te­rials

Ort: GU­Tech Hal­ban, Au­di­to­ri­um 101 M

Über die Konferenz

Sym­po­si­um an der Ger­­man Uni­ver­­­si­­ty of Tech­­no­­lo­­gy in Oman (GU­­tech)
Mu­s­cat, Oman